Chapter 21: Questioning an Elder

Can be found on the new website

So feel free to click any link here

or here

not here though

This one is safe

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7 Responses to Chapter 21: Questioning an Elder

  1. Bardioc says:

    I clicked the fourth link, I am such a bad boy… Thanks for the chapter =D


  2. sudeep says:

    aw hey are actually all safe links xD

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  3. I like the way you think 😀

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  4. aswad12 says:

    Fu**. Why dont you gave a link to the exact chapter? Gah.. im done. Rather waiting for translation better read raw myself. What the use of waiting translation when I can read chinesse myself. Oh well, what done is done.


  5. exactly lol why click 1-2 extra links when you can go read the novel in chinese. haha its what I did and I have 0 complaints 🙂


  6. He told that lap dog


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