Chapter 35 & 36 are now released

Worship me, I feel like a god of translations! lol

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7 Responses to Chapter 35 & 36 are now released

  1. riane27 says:

    Thanks for the effort. Thanks 🙂

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  2. ekekee says:

    All hail to the god of translations!!!~

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  3. Leafyeyes417 says:

    ….Sorry to ruin it but i won’t admit you are a god of translations until you do what FBT did. i think that was….20 chapters? 😀


  4. Woops says:

    Oh i thought it was the god of tranLation xD

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  5. Nahtaivel says:

    Holy shit this is fast !!

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  6. bakaleaf says:

    U have yet to beat FBT for mass releasing chapters
    and take note his not translating one novel but a few more

    so the tittle god of TL have yet to fall at your hands!
    fear not you are still among the KINGS of translator!


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