About Us

Name: Not Sane

Age: Somewhere between birth and death

Sex: I have a headache, do it yourself

Location: Behind you

Real Location: Take a look at the Angel on your left shoulder, that one isn’t me.

Languages Spoken: Human, Dog, Cat, Elephant & Fox (The fox says nothing of interest, ever)

About Me: Welcome to my page. I am a n00b translator to the community. My translation speed is not the fastest and this is 100% translated by the devil and no machine translation is used. First I translate the chapters to Engrish and then I read the Engrish copy and translate it to my best possible English. I translate business documents for a living, which is not as fun as this.

Name: Pan Pan (cute lil pan pan)

Age: Cute little loli

Sex: Female

Location:  China

Real Location: I will go with Loli-land since she is adorable

Languages Spoken: Chinese, English, Japanese, French

About Me:  I am a half Chinese, half English girl born in China.  I want to bring Chinese culture to people who only speak English. I hope to become a teacher for English speakers who have a passion for Chinese. Please trust me and I will never let you down!

NS: Isn’t she just adorable

11 Responses to About Us

  1. dezzter96 says:

    Asian-English loli??? Don’t let the lolicons find out about this or they will start to swarm.

    That would be bad.

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  2. tramsloof says:

    I heard you got some hate messages. Clearly those people are big headed idiots, I truly appreciate the work you are doing and share a similar interest in the novel. I thank you for your sincere efforts and hope you don’t get discouraged from those monkey brains and keep working on this wonderful project. The translation quality is extremely good too so I just can’t think what those dumb shits found to criticize you.
    Anyways, I tried to find your email, since you mentioned someone even sent a hate message to your email, I thought a thank you message to your email should cover for that, but since I can’t find it, you have to make do with this one.
    Once again thanks for your efforts.

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  3. notsaneinthebrain says:

    haha thank you. My email is available on the website. Its a secret 🙂

    Thank you so much. It really means alot xoxo


  4. Love xianxia says:

    Completely agree with tramsloop. And heard that u live in london me too. Near brent cross. First translator I meet that live in London


  5. ME says:


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  6. ji kim says:

    Hi! I’m from an advertising network that can help you to make more revenue on your site! I have worked to help make money for other translation sites before, and I’m sure I can do the same for you. I’ve done this for at least 4 other translation sites. Just email me!


  7. Tusinagrandelatrina says:

    frack you. Drop this novel and let us enjoy it LATRINA


  8. shaan000 says:

    What is going on with the site i can’t read the novel pls do something i can’t stop reading PMG i was at very interesting chapter pls fix it fast or if someone know what is going on pls let know or if this is not the right site to complain then let me know where i can complain about this thank you.


  9. Mugatu says:

    Site is down


  10. Insert name says:

    Site is down badly


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