Is Pan Pan really a loli? 

I’m jealous of how young and pure she looks. Her soul will be mine.

Are a machine translator?

I do not speak machine, please check my spoken languages in the ‘about us’ page.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, each donation will go towards a bonus chapter which will force me to work harder for you.

Real Translators do not accept donations!

This is why I translate chapters on a regular release schedule for free, chapters outside that will be me sacrificing my free time to translate. You can treat me like a personal slave if you want, but a girl needs money too you know.

Can I contact you?




Are you taking new projects?

Yes, my loli goddess is reading something, she will be translating that story shortly.

Great can I suggest a new project?

I suggest that you don’t, but if we like it, Pan Pan might test the water with it.

What about intellectual rights?

We own all intellectual rights of the translated rewrites as parts of the story are re-written. Please do not post this content elsewhere without permission.

Do you own the license?

No, the licenses are held by their respective owners.

Did you ask the author for permission to translate this?

Yes we did.

@everyone, this site is no longer in use & stop being pedantic

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