Chapter 25 is out

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Chapter 24: Lin Feng’s struggle to stay awake and finish a chapter

Chapter 24: You should all start using the new site lol

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Chapter 23: Everything will work out fine

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Chapter 22: Clicking Links for funsies

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Chapter 21: Questioning an Elder

Can be found on the new website

So feel free to click any link here

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This one is safe

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Chapter 5: Unsheathing the sword

Ten thousand miles separated Yang Zhou City from the Yun Hai sect, even though Li Xue could travel across a thousand miles a day, it still took Lin Feng ten days to arrive.

However, during these ten days, Lin Feng didn’t waste time. In his previous life, Lin Feng had never been that warm-blooded, He had never experienced such a feeling of ardor. Unwittingly, his state of mind had improved greatly. Walking on the path of cultivation had now enabled him to reach the seventh Qi layer. “Where water flows, a canal is formed” as the saying goes. Besides, practicing had enabled him to master the Nine Heavy Waves martial arts technique to a new level.

These days, Lin Feng possessed a much more powerful physical strength than in his previous life. His actual strength was actually close to 8500 jin which was immensely powerful for the seventh Qi Layer of cultivation.

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