Peerless Martial God Index


When you eventually figure out my jokes, you will know I was always funny…..probably

16 Responses to Peerless Martial God Index

  1. Whitejaws says:

    thanks for this!

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  2. raja says:

    just started reading. great work. keep it up


  3. can’t wait 4 more chapters ;D


  4. Tengeh says:

    Thanks for translating this series!! 😀

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  5. Wu says:

    Can you put some index? And the rank aswell, like skill book, his lvls and etc…

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  6. notsaneinthebrain says:

    Yes I will start to throw up a glossary soon


  7. chin says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. Translation well done and easy to read.

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  8. Windy says:

    Thanks for the chapters, Cant wait for more!

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  9. astala says:

    wanna ask something important since a while ago

    the place he stay is it a sect or a clan? since if its a clan why theres so much difrent surename?

    and the first four chapter called it a sect since its confusing thnx


  10. depends on how you look at it. Since both clan and sect can be used to define a group with the same goal, not specifically related.

    They are not all of the same family. I guess I could change it to sect


  11. Tetsu-kun says:

    Thanks for translating this!! 😀

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  12. agila0212 says:

    Thank you for translating another awesome novel

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  13. kidman says:

    Is it possible to have the link of its raw?? Thx


  14. exseen says:

    whoa what happened?


  15. Shu me says:

    Getting mysql error on chapter 45 and up


  16. Shu me says:

    Getting mysql error on chapter 45 and up. How to fix it? Or will it be fixed?


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